Call Of The Mountains

In the mountains, out of breath,
Equipped and acclimatized to avert death,
Far and wide, only one thing in sight,
The majestic mountains displaying all their might Continue reading

Have a Promocode? Yeah, ‘LULZ’



Well at this rate, I think in a few years we’re going to have more promo codes than human beings.

There’s going to be a new type of disease called the ‘Promocophobia’. A fear of promo codes. Which will be defined as “a condition when a user buying a product or service online freaks the shit out of himself at the sight of a question generally framed as ‘Have a promo code?’” (If you’re considering adding this to Wikipedia, do give me a shout-out)  Continue reading

The Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)

The compulsive urge to stay connected can be destructive at times. Disconnecting for a while, can help establish a better connection.


I was at the Bengaluru Tech Summit yesterday. A grand annual event where great tech minds come together. There were two conference halls at the venue — Chalukya and Hoysala. Named after the two great dynasties that ruled South India several hundred years ago.  Continue reading

The False Idea of Progress

Giving back to the nature? Does this qualify as progress?

The dictionary defines progress as ‘development towards an improved or more advanced condition.’ We are said to be making progress as long as there is an onward movement towards a destination.

But can we really measure progress unless we first determine where are we coming from and where are we headed to?  Continue reading

Run, Forrest! Run!

I vividly remember my glorious childhood days when I would run in the ‘big field’ (we called it that because we had two fields in our school — big field and a small field. Big field was big but small field was only relatively small.) When I ran I would think of myself no less than Usain Bolt. The wind blowing on my face like a hairdryer when I sprinted towards the football along with four others coming from different directions. Hair ruffled. Tie flying back. With predator instinct, my eyes chasing the ball. Their eyes chasing me. When I parted with the ball, I would stand there, hands on my knees, panting like a dog.

I felt heroic.  Continue reading

Masaan (2015): The Crematorium for Social Stigma

Masaan (2015) is arguably one of the finest Bollywood films. Belonging to the cadre of The Lunchbox (2013) and Ship of Theseus (2012), the film bestows upon its viewers the varied joys that meaningful cinema has to offer. I was completely overwhelmed and flabbergasted by the bold story line that ventures into unexplored social stigma and couldn’t quiet get over the natural, original, thought-provoking dialogues and the sheer innocence of the characters. Continue reading


On a dull night drenched in the rainfall,
Cool breeze lingered around,
An innocuous dog curled up in a ball,
Complaining in a whimpering sound

Surrounded by an air of pensive sadness,
His thoughts melted in despair,
Fading into the alluring madness,
Going back and forth on an old rocking chair, Continue reading


“Here we go!” he said. Hiding something behind his back.

“The most overrated piece of shit on Earth.”

She looked perplexed.

“And overpriced, needless to say” he said, revealing the box of Ferrero Rocher’s he’d got for her. Continue reading

Small Impact

In January last year, I published a post on how 5 features, which if incorporated in WhatsApp, can enhance our user experience to a great extent.

I then invited the attention of people who can act on these suggestions. I wrote to Mark Zuckerberg and WhatsApp’s official account urging them to give it a thought. Continue reading

Reflections v4.0

Annnd… The blog recently got a makeover 🙂 So here’s what’s new:

1) New social icons below the bio:

Continue reading

Success, Struggle & Sufferings

Let’s look at success, struggle and sufferings as three layers.

There are three kinds of people living in these layers.

The first kind: The folks who make it to the layer of success, fighting their way through the layers of struggle and sufferings. They’re the ones who’ve seen it all. Been through rough times. Struggled their way to the top. Earned their spot there. These are the people whose stories we often cite in our motivational pep talks. People in this category might just be a few, for all we know, but their lives are exemplified as examples for all of us to live by.  Continue reading

Ship of Theseus

The Theseus paradox questions the idea of authenticity and identity. If all original parts of an object are replaced with similar parts, does the object retain its identity or does it attain a new identity?

All cells of a human body regenerate entirely in 7 years. Statistics suggest that globally over 1,00,000 organs are transplanted every year. Our ideologies, principles, beliefs, all change with time and our current level of maturity. Extending the Theseus paradox, which is originally based on a ship to human beings, can we then say we are the same person after all the replacements? Continue reading

Oneness with the waves

He stood there observing as the violent waves crashed onto the shore. Rising, crashing, retreating, returning. The waves represent life so aptly, he thought. Life ebbs and flows like the waves. The rising waves symbolic of the highs in life – exuberance, success, love, passion. The crashing and retreating waves epitomizing failure, separation, sorrow, loneliness. Continue reading

Welcome to GST Era

GST in India was born on the midnight of June 30-July 1, 2017 after more than a decade of efforts. The reform is being touted as the single biggest tax reform since independence. We waited long enough for this reform and finally its time has arrived.

There is an air of optimism all around but a palpable sense of nervousness too. Continue reading

The Other Side

So what do you like the most? she asked, looking at the menu.

“The other side” he said.

She slid the menu aside and braced up for a thoughtful conversation “And?” she asked, nudging him to elaborate. Continue reading


(#NoFilter is more than just Instagram and Snapchat filters. It’s an attitude. It’s about speaking one’s mind, quite literally, without filtering the thoughts. Boldly. Fearlessly.)

His eye caught something striking as he browsed the shelves in the library. A beautiful girl, on the other side of the shelf. He picked up the Leo Tolstoy classic War and Peace and Continue reading

A Special Evening

“You’re so good with the pen” she said, admiring his writing skills. She kept smiling seductively as they danced to the romantic melody in the grand ballroom. Matching each step to the tune, flawlessly. Gracefully. Sensually. Passionately. It was a special evening. They were high without getting stoned. Continue reading

A Cup of Tea – Reading Between the Lines


Hey guys! A couple of weeks ago, I shared a micro-tale titled ‘A Cup of Tea’. It was about an ageing couple and their small discussion over a cup of tea. In this short post, I talk more about that micro-tale. Continue reading

A Cup of Tea

“What kind of tea is this?” he said, after bitterly gulping down the first sip he had taken. “Sudha, fire this Bimal, he’s no good, he doesn’t even know how to make decent tea.”
Continue reading

The Odd Joy In Sorrow

“What’s up?” she asked, walking into the room and turning on the night lamp. He looked sad and unanimated sitting on the bed and staring blankly at the ceiling. Lost in his own world like a cow sitting in the middle of the road, unfazed by the chaos around.

Continue reading

Apple’s Bad Strategy

March 2016, Apple did the unconventional, yet again. It launched the iPhone SE, which for beginners is a 4-inch iPhone with the latest OS. In other words it was the iPhone 5S relaunched with the latest software and a few other improvement at a much higher price point.

Continue reading


There are basically two types of problems:
One that grow with time and
The other that fade away with time.

Whilst the former are best confronted and dealt with at the earliest opportunity, it’s always wise to defer any action on the latter, as they usually subside with time.

Continue reading

Staying in Love

Staying in love is becoming increasingly difficult because falling in love is becoming increasingly easier.

Destruction & Distraction

Earlier, there used to be big wars and so much destruction.
Today, there are big social networks and so much distraction.

3 Types of People

There are three types of people in this world:
The ones who desire a big bed – the laid-back ones.
The ones who desire a big bathroom – the narcissistic ones and
The ones who desire a big bookshelf – the insightful ones.

5 Features That’ll Make Your WhatsApp Experience Absolutely Delightful

Ever since its initial release in 2010, WhatsApp has come a long way from a being an ultra-simple messaging app to being the most popular messenger globally. Continue reading

A synopsis of the National Herald case

Right click on image and choose “Save Image As…” to download OR click on the image to enlarge it.

In November 2015, the Cabinet Committee on Parliamentary Affairs (CCPA) had decided to convene the Winter Session of Parliament from November 26, 2015 to December 23, 2015. Continue reading

5 Mistakes You’ve Made in Understanding Quiet People

Being a quiet person is not easy. Ask the one who first comes to your mind when we talk about quiet people and he/she will probably tell you why. Continue reading

10 Reasons to upgrade to Windows 10

Well, today its been a month since Microsoft officially rolled out the Windows 10 upgrade. Here’s a look at the top 10 of the many good reasons to upgrade to Windows 10 if you haven’t done it already.

I.            Comeback of the columnar start menu

The highlight feature of new Windows 10 is Continue reading


“Morning”, he said, walking into her apartment styling his hair looking at his reflection on their picture frame. Continue reading

Common Sense

The commonness of common sense is so uncommon that it is uncommonly of finding it in the common man commonly.


All of What You Have

Sometimes, you’ve got all that it takes to be what you want to be.
But it takes all of what you have to be what you are to be.

Cricket & CA Exams

In cricketing analogy, CA exams are much like facing fearsome bowlers belonging to the cadre of Dale Steyn, Mitchell Johnson, Mitchell Starc, Trent Boult and the likes. Continue reading


Her family was killed in a riot involving two religions when she was 5. She fell in love with a man who soon became a victim of ‘honor killing’ because he belonged to a different caste. Continue reading


“Never in life affirm that “I’ll do anything to achieve this.””, dad taught us, when I was 14; my brother 18. Continue reading


“You’re my princess”, he said, patting her back gently, as she sobbed grievously in his arms, disappointed with few some in her life. Continue reading

New Year

Twenty First Century (Fifteenth Amendment) Act, 2015

Section 20(15): Notwithstanding anything contrary that has happened either in the immediately preceding year Continue reading


The first test of patriotism is whether you can place your country before your religion.


The twilight was before them, shades of orange were scattered across the sky as it was trying to latch on to the last rays of the setting sun, that was soon going to make way for the night. Continue reading


“But why is Karn doing this? She started abruptly. Why has he blindfolded himself from the Adharma of Duryodhan and the Kauravas, why has he taken the path of misery by choice? Continue reading


Look at it this way: Our nation is reduced to no less than a puddle of muddy water at the hand of the very people who were entrusted with the responsibility of keeping the water clean and flowing. Continue reading


Even an email fails to deliver when the size of attachment exceeds the limit.


You’re Red, the colour of passionate love, of abundant energy, of fearful wrath,

You’re Yellow, the bright and sunny, the light of wisdom, of playfulness, Continue reading

Thought Vs Reality

The all in thought & null in reality moment.


Late evenings, by the beach, it had become a custom by now. Every time they walked beside each other, as though a magnetic power existed, it attracted them closer. Continue reading

Tough Times

Tough times. Like the dust beneath your feet which sometimes the winds of change blow into your eye, they can be discomforting, they can trigger the panic of blindness for a flash moment and they can even make you cry. Continue reading


In a text message he wrote out to her,

When you’re free to love me or stay indifferent, Continue reading


Just how wonderful would it have been if atleast once in our lifetime had we a chance to get our hands on a magic wand that would Continue reading


Sometimes two people might be miles away, but the distance between them is confined to just a call or a message or a mere thought.


Often it seems like time is nothing more than a big lie that has been deceiving us since forever.
Give this a thought.
What is time? Continue reading

Ends & Beginnings

Ends have known to be there since the very beginning,
And beginnings have tirelessly and unfailingly
Appeared on the flip side of every end. Continue reading


Beyond the limitations of words,

Beyond the bounds of time and distance,

Beyond the choice of right and wrong,

Is a place where our dreams and reality

Will collide and shape as one.

Here To Stay?

Be it at the peak of your best times or

The rock bottom of the hardest times,

A question worth asking yourself,

A phrase I love most for its universality.

Ruth hai ye do pal ki, ya rahegi sada…

Small Things

When small things matter most…

Appear Before Me

Appear before me one time,

For divinity by thee I know,

For purity in thee I see,

At thy altar I lay my heart,

And my mortals I make an offering to thee. Continue reading

It’s Ok To Be

Somewhere we are all a little bit incomplete,

Somewhere we are all a little bit lonely,

Somewhere we are all a little bit lost, Continue reading

Whatever Attitude

What is the procedure to develop a whatever attitude?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Words or Silence

She took both my hands in hers, held them tight, my heart skipped a beat,

She drew closer, so close we were now that only a thought could pass through,

The thought which gave us a cue to not hold back and fall into each other,

Continue reading

October Sky

Wake up, see the sun has filled our land with abundant light,

Slip out and bare yourself to the light, open your arms so wide,

That it induces life to fall into them, Continue reading


I often wonder, what connection I share with the rain,

Why its arrival brings an urge that makes my soul break into

Dance with childlike unbridled delight,

Why it brings unprecedented joy, Continue reading

Far From Reality

You were a dream even then, you are a dream even now.

The only difference is that then I believed that dreams can be seen only with closed eyes, so I held my lids tight, shutting the door to reality because I did not want you to escape. I did not want to let go of you. Continue reading

Best I Can Wish For You

The best I can wish for you is that you go to bed

Wearing a honest smile on your face,

With moist eyes and a light heart

Full of gratitude for the beauty of the day and your life, Continue reading


In the times of struggle, my lap of comfort,

In the feeling of emptiness, my lap of fulfillment,


Guilt or Grief

When life led to a crossroad,

Where one way led to grief; the other to guilt,

Profound grief and remorseful guilt, Continue reading

One Part

One part inclination, one part growing fondness,

One part attachment, one part expectation,

One part disappointment,

One part pull of indulgence, Continue reading

From & To

From no one, to someone, to more than anyone,

So far, so good..

From everything, to something, to nothing,

So far, so good..


Your bosom is the paradise for my lust; where I want to be.

Where I want to be is in trance when our lips hold together.

Krishna Janmashtmi

To the playful toddler,

To the captivating youth,

To the flute magician,

To the symbol of love, Continue reading

Fight or Let Go

When you really want something and you cannot have it…

It is not difficult to fight; it is not to let go,

As much as is to decide whether to fight or to let go.


…And finally it dawned on me.

Good karma is in fulfilling your dharma.

Doing your duty, unfailingly, in all things.

Everything of You

You are the thought; the head.

You are the emotion; the heart.

You are the meaning; the soul.

You are the poetry; I am only the hand.


Why much love and happiness scares me,

Why I fear it being taken back, like it has always been,

Why I fear the order of change sometimes, Continue reading

Life Is Calling

I met her in my dream last night, when life said the closer you are to me, the closer will she be.

Come to me. Come closer.

Take me in you. Life is calling.

Seize my existence. Conquer my soul.

Take shield in me. Lose control.

Pure indulgence in love and lust be. Continue reading

Life Is You

If life is a game, you’re my trump card; you’re my winning spirit, my passion,

If life is a sail, you’re the guiding light, my North star; you’re my shore, my destination,

If life is a rollercoaster ride, you’re the adrenaline rush; you’re the high, the low, Continue reading


‘Back with a bang!’ should be declared as the official tagline of Karma.

Say & Not

Say what you have to; don’t say what you don’t have to;

And never the other way round.

It’s a simple statement but give it a thought,

It can add lot of meaning.

Diamond & Stone

Wandered long enough, come take me home,

Been lost for long while, don’t leave me alone,

Riches, possessions, now I desire none, Continue reading


For most, the real you in you is the sibling in you.

Think over. I bet you wouldn’t differ.

Dear Today

Dear Today,
Make yourself count. Make yourself memorable.

As I Please

I live my life ‘As I please’,

And not ‘To please’.

So love me for what I am,

Because hatred is no choice.

Passion & Compassion

All we need..

Passion: If you need something, go for it, fight for it, achieve it.

Compassion: If they need you, be with them, unfailingly, unconditionally.

Behind Your Back

The way they talk about others in front of you, is exactly the way they talk about you in front of others.

Weird Desire

That desire to fall sick because we badly want a break,

That desire to be relieved of responsibilities and forget about meeting expectations for once; Continue reading


In short, regret is a bitch.


Mean world syndrome, in the surround,

Mean people, all around.


Before you fall asleep tonight, to meet tomorrow,

Care to pray for the hearts that can’t sleep out of sorrow.

No Grief for the Ban on Beef

[Background: The Government of Maharashtra recently imposed a ban on beef (the flesh of a cow, bull, or ox, used as food) joining most other states. Mumbai being home to the famous folks, this move of the Government attracted fair amount of criticism and has been the topic for debates and discussions.] Continue reading

How I got my Birth Certificate Corrected (In Bangalore, Karnataka)

Here’s the scene:

I am in Passport Seva Kendra at C Counter when the official slides my Birth Certificate towards me and asks me to read out my parents names. Continue reading

The Jinnah of All Evil

“Nehru will step down, you can lead the congress and appoint your own cabinet with muslim majority” said Gandhi, in a futile attempt to persuade Jinnah to give up on his adamant demand to split British India, which was at the verge of freedom. Continue reading

Interview with Bharat Mata (Part 3) – Kiss of Adversity

(This is the last part of the three-part series called Interview with Bharat Mata)

Q. It’s been a meaningful conversation so far. An eye-opener. You spoke of various issues that plague our nation. Going further, we would like to know your take on the grave issues of widespread poverty, low literacy levels, population upsurge and the hunger disease that we suffer from today? Continue reading

Interview with Bharat Mata (Part 2) – Behind & Beyond the Fence

(This is part 2 of the three-part series of Interview with Bharat Mata)

Q. You spoke of conflicts; Internal and External conflicts. What do you refer to when you say external conflicts?

When I say External conflicts, I am basically referring to our extremely unstable neighbourhood. I am surrounded on all the sides with conflicts, threats and rebellion. Continue reading

Interview with Bharat Mata – The Debut of a New Voice

(This is Part 1 of a three part series called Interview With Bharat Mata)

Q. Why is it that I see you only as a reflection? Please unfold this mystery for us.
(Please read the first appearance title, ‘How I met Bharat Mata’ to live the mystery)
It’s rather ironic. I’ll put it this way. Life is like a game of reflections. Everything that shows up is a reflection of something that is happening within us. We are merely holding a mirror to our thoughts, and these thoughts are Continue reading

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